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*Finalist - San Diego Book Award*

Journey back two hundred and fifty years, into a long forgotten world, where nature speaks through plants, and song pours forth from cascading waterfalls as breathtakingly as a church choir sings Ave Maria. A place where the rhythm of a feathered rattle is believed to bring you closer to your creator. A world where mysticism and innate spirituality conflict with Christianity.
Avá-Tapé, raised in the traditions of the Guarani Indians of South America, then Mission educated by the Jesuits, sees the truth and beauty in both worlds, but he can only live in one. Neither the Jesuits, nor his father, Avá-Nembiará, the tribe’s shaman, will accept less than absolute allegiance, which forces Avá-Tapé to choose between them.
Shamanism, religious bigotry, history, imperialism, coming of age, and a touching love story drive this incisive, thought-provoking narrative of the demise and ultimate triumph of an indigenous people and their traditions. Facing both a physical and a spiritual quest, Avá-Tapé, inspired by his devotion to his people and his love for the beautiful Kuná-Mainó, emerges as the most powerful shaman of all, leading his tribe to the mythical LAND WITHOUT EVIL.
With language that captures both the essence and spirit of the Guarani culture, Pallamary takes his readers into a world long forgotten, but well worth exploring, into a spirituality that transcends religious dogma and inspires understanding and hope. Both realistic to its setting and timeless in its portrayal of the human condition, LAND WITHOUT EVIL is a triumphant celebration of the human spirit.

“Bravo….More!” Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451

Elements of Carlos Castaneda, Peter Mathiesson, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez jostle each other, yet…Pallamary weaves an extraordinarily original web. -San Diego Union Tribune

LAND WITHOUT EVIL is a great read for anyone looking for insight and inspiration on their own spiritual journey. -Harold Bloomfield, author of Healing Anxiety with Herbs

Pallamary plunges into the heart with a moving tale about people caught between worlds—the past, the future, and the possible… -David Brin, author of Startide Rising and The Postman

*A Reading Group Choices Selection*

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ISBN-13: 9781311012241
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Publication Date: July 11th, 2014