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Fantastic Firsts: Monthly Book Subscription

So many good books come out each month and it can be hard to pick the next great read you want to dive into. That’s where we come in! Fantastic Firsts is our monthly book subscription program where our staff hand picks 4-6 of our favorite new books each month. Our selections will always include science fiction / fantasy, young adult, and mystery hardcovers as well as a cozy and any other books we felt you had to hear about. As a subscriber, you can pick one or more of these books each month and will get an exclusive 20% discount. Subscribers can either pick their books up in store or have them shipped to their home. 

How to Join: Call us at 858.268.4747, email us at mgbooks [@] mystgalaxy (dot) com, or come on into the store and a bookseller will sign you up. 

In Store Pick Up: Books will be paid for in store when you pick them up. If you haven't picked up your book by the 15th of the month you'll get a call reminding you your book is on hold and waiting for you.   

Home Delivery: You can pay over the phone via credit card or for ease we can keep your credit card on file and charge it after you confirm which book you'd like. If there is a specefic genre you'd like shipped to you each month (for example you'd like to get a cozy every month) we can automatically charge your card and ship you the book each month, no reminder/confirmation call needed.     

Book Bundles: This is a great gift option for someone and includes the cost of shipping! For the set prices listed below the member will get a book each month for three months (3 books total). 

  • Science Fiction/Fantasy or Mystery Hardcover Subscription  = $68.99
  • Young Adult Hardcover Subscription Subscription  = $49.99
  • Cozy Mysteries (Paperback) Subscription = $25.99                                                      

As a subscriber you are agreeing to buy a book each month. If for some reason you don’t want to receive a book one month you can skip.

This Month's Picks!

*Members can now order their books online! In the comments section just note that you are a Fantastic First Member and we will add you're discount onto your order when we process it.

Science Fiction/ Fantasy

Poppy War by Catherynne R.F. Kuang

"With war-shamans, Chinese mythological monsters, and a fully-realized social world and back story based on Chinese history, Rebecca Kuang’s The Poppy War is a stunning, distinctive, and completely original debut. Her lead character, Rin, is now the type example of the kick-butt heroine. An outsider — orphan, peasant, dark-skinned — she claws her way into and through the elite military school at Sinegard. Armed with terrible powers taken from the gods, she faces the most extreme moral quandaries of how far she will go to protect her country and to avenge her people. Open the front page, and the story sweeps you away. I can’t believe this is the author’s first book: so accomplished, so powerful, so wonderful! And so, so recommended!"  -Guest Review David (Add to Cart)

Young Adult 

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

"This was an intense dark read that delves into what desperation and the will to survive can turn a human into. The main character begins as a fractured shell of who she was and has to rebuild her identity to not only save herself but her kingdom before it is destroyed by the monstrous king who slit her mother’s throat and took her crown.

This isn’t a story about swords and epic battles. It is about the wars we wage internally with ourselves and how intelligence and manipulation can be a woman’s greatest set of skills. These characters engaged me with their portrayal of how neither life nor people are black and white. We all have the capacity for cruelty as well as kindness and the line keeping us from becoming that which we hate can be a very fragile thing. I loved this book.” 

- Bookseller Constance (Add to Cart)


Circe by Madeline Miller

"Beautifully composed and deeply compelling, Circe is hands-down one of the best novels of 2018. As she did in Song of Achilles, Miller recreates the ancient and enchanting world of Greek mythology, this time focusing on ocean nymph Circe. Cast out of her home and exiled to the island of Aiaia, Circe turns not only to her enchantments, but also to the world of Mortals, becoming close with legendary figures like Daedalus, Odysseus, and Penelope. Miller’s delicate, yet stunning prose swept me off my feet — I wanted to savor every moment with Circe in her immortal world. Introspective, soft, at times simply breathtaking, but always beautiful. So, so beautiful." - From Kelly  (Add to Cart)

Mystery / Suspense Thriller

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

The Perfect Mother is an ingeniously plotted domestic noir thriller with a generous side of spot-on social commentary. The action begins when a group of Brooklynite new mothers are enjoying a baby-free “moms’ night out” and one of their babies is abducted. The story focuses on three of these young mothers as they are engulfed by the ensuing police investigation and media frenzy. Marriages are stressed, careers are in jeopardy, painful secrets become public media fodder, and no one is getting much sleep. Intermittent chapters feature an unreliable mystery narrator, providing more clues to the case. Molloy’s meticulously crafted puzzle ends with a shocking plot twist that deliciously confounds the reader. A movie version is already in the works. Highly recommended for fans of psychological suspense and astute social commentary.

— From Kim Devoe  (Add to Cart)


Expiration Date by Devon Delaney

After a short-lived marriage, Sherry Frazzelle is living single life to the fullest in her little Connecticut town, accompanied by her Jack Russell terrier, Chutney. Her new passion is competitive cooking--but it turns out that murder is the surprise ingredient . . .

After Chef Birns falls face first into the Seafood Flatbread Pizza, Sherry's dish is deemed suspicious. Now she'll have to stir through a stew of rule-breaking, corruption, and gossip to get herself off the chopping block, and find out who turned this food fight fatal . . .

Includes Recipes from Sherry's Kitchen.

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