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Does Mysterious Galaxy ship books?

Yes, we ship internationally as well as within the U.S.. We have the following options:

U.S. shipping:

Book Rate USPS (up to 2 weeks delivery): $5.00

UPS Ground Shipping: $13.00

FedEx Ground: $12.50

USPS Priority Mail: $12.00


International Shipping:

First Class Intl (under 4lbs, delivery in weeks): $34.00

USPS Priority Intl (Adjusted down when possible.): $45.00


When placing an online order, you will see these options during checkout. Orders with more than 1 book will be charged $1 each additional book for shipping. You can also contact a bookseller via telephone to place an order (858) 268-4747.


How do author events work at Mysterious Galaxy?

Mysterious Galaxy is proud to host a variety of different author events in our San Diego location. Our seating for events is on a first come, first serve basis, with seating available 30 minutes prior to the start of an event. While every author presentation is different, our events usually include one or more of the following: a general talk from the author, a reading, and/ or an audience Q&A, and always a book signing. For a non-ticketed event, customers are welcome to line up immediately following the author’s presentation.

For ticketed events, customers will need to have a number for the signing line. Numbers/ tickets are free when you purchase the author’s latest book at Mysterious Galaxy. All book and ticket reservations must be paid in full, whether in-person, via telephone or email, or on-line. Please note books ordered on-line without payment (i.e. using the ‘pay in store’ option) will not be issued a ticket or guaranteed a reserved book until the in-store payment is made. By purchasing the book with us and supporting Mysterious Galaxy, you not only get to meet the author, but you make more author events possible in the future! Books & tickets for events may be purchased in-store, online, or over the phone.

The number of books the author will sign during an event always depends, but typically authors will sign their newest book plus, 1-2 other titles. If you have more books than that you'd like signed, we ask that after your intial pass in the line, you return to the line for a second and final pass at the end once, at which point, you are limited to 10 books total.

To check out our upcoming events and visiting authors, view our online calendar and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when an author is coming!


I can’t make it to an author event. Can I still get the book signed/ personalized?

Yes! When you place an order for the book either in store, online, or over the phone, let us know that you want it signed and or personalized. When ordering online, use the comment section during checkout to let us know your signature / inscription request. All personalized books must be paid for upon ordering.

To check out our upcoming events and visiting authors, view our online calendar and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when an author is coming!


Can Mysterious Galaxy hold books for me? 

Yes! Please read through our policiy:

For all unpaid call-in holds for books we pull from our shelves: Mysterious Galaxy will hold books for 3 days, with no reminder call. 

For all unpaid special orders and event books: Mysterious Galaxy will hold books for two weeks, and give one reminder call/ email to the customer, at which point we will hold the book for another 3 days. If we don't hear back from you after this, we will restock/ return your book. 

For all paid holds: Mysterious Galaxy will hold your book for 2 weeks, and give frequent reminder calls afterwards. For all paid holds that don't get picked up after 6 months,  Mysterious Galaxy will donate the book to a local charity. 


I’m a local author, but my work is not in Mysterious Galaxy’s genres. Will Mysterious Galaxy carry my book?

Mysterious Galaxy carries books from local authors after their participation in one of our Local Author Meet & Greets. Two seasons a year Mysterious Galaxy hosts a local author event, where we invite 12-18 local authors to come in on a Saturday or Sunday from noon to 3pm.

If you are interested in participating in our next local author event, email Director of Events Jackie Jou

jackie [at] mystgalaxy [dot] com.

How our Local Author Meet & Greet events work: After Mysterious Galaxy confirms a participating author, they provide 10 copies of their book two weeks before the event on consignment and we make a display in store of these books for the “Local Author Meet & Greet” event. We always promote the event on our social media and website. We ask that authors do the same and that they invite friends, family, and fans. (If 15 people invite even 5 people we will have a full house!) The day of the event, authors will have a spotlight for a 3 to 5-minute presentation to pitch their book to the audience. After the event, we keep the books on hand for 30 days so that authors can promote that we have signed copies available in store. After the 30-day period, Mysterious Galaxy sends the local authors a check for what sold as well as any unsold books. The split is 60% author and 40% store. If a local author’s book is particularly successful, we will consider keeping inventory stocked.


What is your Loyalty Loot program?

If you are signed up for our Loyalty League, we keep track of your purchases throughout the year (starting November 1st of the previous year). In November, on Indies First Day, Loyalty League members will receive $10 in Loyalty Loot – our special Loyalty League gift certificates – for every $100 purchased. You have the option of keeping the gift certificates for yourself or sharing as a gift. And there is no expiration date!

The best part – our Loyalty League is completely free! No membership fees in this galaxy. 

Ask any of our booksellers for more information, and to sign-up and participate.


What is Mysterious Galaxy’s refund policy?

Mysterious Galaxy issues refunds for unread books in saleable condition with the original receipt within 2 weeks from the time of purchase.


Does Mysterious Galaxy have gift cards?

Yes! Gift Certificates may be purchased in-store, online, or over the phone. If you are not picking up the gift certificate in store, we will need the address of the recipient.