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Shining a Spotlight on C.C. Dowling!


C.C. Dowling is an author who writes everything from gritty urban fantasy, to paranormal sci-fi, to steamy contemporary erotic romance (under the pen name C.C. Wylde. Full length titles to be released in 2018).

C.C. shares her love of writing with her love of singing, music, and science. She spent the first half of her college life performing, and the second half in a lab.

C.C. currently lives in America's finest city, with her husband (the financial shaman), her two children (who love to play in the yard with the faeries), and her very real pet dragon (who guards the perimeter of her house at night). 

When she’s not working or writing (which is still technically working), C.C. can be found playing a round of disc golf, or desperately trying to figure out which pair of sandals are the most appropriate for the harsh Southern California winters.
Learn more at her website.

The Broga's Curse Cover Image
ISBN: 9781540151483
Availability: Available Now
Published: CC Dowling - December 10th, 2017

Nayela was raised knowing she would lead her tribe one day. The day of her first blood. The day she becomes a woman. What she doesn't know is that the tribe's leader, her father, has been keeping a  secret since the day she was born. A secret that could kill her.

After discovering the truth about a witch's curse foretelling of her gruesome death, Nayela sets out to make her own fate. But powerful, ancient magic, and the long, sharp fangs of the feral beast thirsty for her blood, are not so easy to escape.