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Shining a Spotlight on C.C. Dowling!


C.C. Dowling is an author who writes everything from gritty urban fantasy, to paranormal sci-fi, to steamy contemporary erotic romance (under the pen name C.C. Wylde. Full length titles to be released in 2018).

C.C. shares her love of writing with her love of singing, music, and science. She spent the first half of her college life performing, and the second half in a lab.

C.C. currently lives in America's finest city, with her husband (the financial shaman), her two children (who love to play in the yard with the faeries), and her very real pet dragon (who guards the perimeter of her house at night). 

When she’s not working or writing (which is still technically working), C.C. can be found playing a round of disc golf, or desperately trying to figure out which pair of sandals are the most appropriate for the harsh Southern California winters.
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The Dharkling Daughter: Dhark & Destined Cover Image
ISBN: 9781386241072
Availability: Available Now
Published: CC Dowling - January 29th, 2018

For weeks, unexplainable things have been happening to Las Vegas native, Dhru Dharkstar. Lizard-like patches of skin appear and disappear at random, and intense surges of energy threaten to consume her. But what pisses her off the most is that her drug-induced highs don’t last as long as they used to. For a woman trying to numb away her past? Well, that’s just unacceptable.

Creed Blaize is a soldier from the land of Faerie tasked with bringing Dhru home. For the past twenty-five years, Dhru has been on Earth, under the protection of a spell that hides her true nature. A spell that’s about to run out, exposing her to her father’s enemies.

There’s just a few problems. Dhru doesn’t know she’s a dragon, and falling for her protector breaks enough rules to get them both killed. Creed is forbidden from ever taking a mate, but has a hard-on for Dhru bigger than his hero complex.

Choosing her means Creed will have to fight against everything he stands for. Wanting him means Dhru will have to face her past and an uncertain future. But first, they have to survive the assassins sent to kill them both.

Rife with action, sex, and enough f-bombs to destroy a small nation, Dhark & Destined is intended for an adult audience.

Conduit Cover Image
ISBN: 9781942111252
Availability: Available Now
Published: Smashwords Edition - October 29th, 2017

When college senior Jane Lamb dies suddenly, she discovers that the afterlife is less pearly gates and fluffy clouds and more standing in line at the DMV. But before she can spend eternity lamenting over her short, unremarkable life, she’s offered a do-over—as a Conduit, a reincarnated messenger contracted to reap souls.

Determined to do things right the second time, Jane takes the job and reincarnates as eighteen-year-old college freshman Liv Hartley. Only, the excitement for her new life doesn’t last. There are consequences to bearing the coveted infinity symbol tattoo marking her as a Conduit, and Liv quickly finds that getting a second chance doesn’t mean getting a better one. Possessive demons, stolen assignments, and a love life that’s decidedly complicated are all a far cry from the mundane existence Jane led. But with more questions piling up than bodies, there’s only one thing Liv knows for sure: life doesn’t get any easier after death.

Filled with sparkling wit, conflicted romance, and more spirit than a haunted mansion, Conduit is a fun-filled paranormal that explores the idea of regret, love, and what we would give to live twice.

The Broga's Curse Cover Image
ISBN: 9781540151483
Availability: Available Now
Published: CC Dowling - December 10th, 2017

Nayela was raised knowing she would lead her tribe one day. The day of her first blood. The day she becomes a woman. What she doesn't know is that the tribe's leader, her father, has been keeping a  secret since the day she was born. A secret that could kill her.

After discovering the truth about a witch's curse foretelling of her gruesome death, Nayela sets out to make her own fate. But powerful, ancient magic, and the long, sharp fangs of the feral beast thirsty for her blood, are not so easy to escape.