Upstream in Our Universe

Upstream is a program that connects authors to their local and independent booksellers. Signed books are available from all authors participating in Mysterious Galaxy's upstream program!
What authors are currently participating?
To see the authors Mysterious Galaxy is partnering with, check out the authors below (or hover over the Upstream tab).Make sure to check back for new authors and offerings throughout the year! Many of Mysterious Galaxy's upstream authors are local and can provide signed copies of their books perennially. 
2018 Authors: 
Previous Authors with signed books still available!:
How do I order a signed book from an Upstream Author? 
Anyone and everyone is welcome to order signed and personalized books from Mysterious Galaxy Upstream authors! Simply visit the author's upstream page on our website to find out the details (including ordering deadlines). Purchase the book online, over the phone, or in-store. Be sure to specify if you want it signed and/ or personlized!
How was Upstream started?
Upstream is an initiative introduced by Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) and the American Booksellers Association in late 2014 as an aspect of the IndiesFirst program. Authors connect with local bookstores through the upstream initiative to provide signed books (and sometimes swag!) to readers.