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Clarke Centennial Celebration

The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at the University of California San Diego seeks to understand, enhance and enact the gift of human imagination by bringing together the inventive power of science and technology, with the critical analysis of the humanities, and the expressive insight of the arts.

Sir Arthur's birthday will be celebrated, in conjunction with the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation (text below thanks to the Foundation):

"Arthur C. Clarke was born December 16, 1917. From his early days in England he demonstrated a keen intelligence, an insatiable curiosity and a rich imagination that distinguishes him as a 20th century visionary, scientist and writer. Moreover, his legacy continues today as a clarion of the power of imagination intelligently applied to benefit humanity. In honor of Sir Arthur, the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation will celebrate this, his centenary year, by launching a major inter-generational initiative to help unleash the power of imagination and promote imaginative leadership today and in the future.

"Unleash Imagination

"One of our favorite quotes by Arthur C. Clarke is “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is by venturing a little way past them into the impossible.” Thank you, Arthur. It takes imagination to see into the future and make the impossible possible. It also takes expertise and resources, optimism, determination and often a dose of courage.

"We know that children have rich imaginations but have yet to acquire expertise and experience. We also know that adults have expertise but often leave their imaginations to their dream-lives. We witness our educational systems, our institutions, and our companies too often squeezing imagination out of childrens’ formulae for decision-making. Yet big challenges – and today we have many – demand big ideas that can be made actionable. Big ideas require making room for the power of imagination. Wouldn’t it be nice to help create clear lifetime running room for imagination?"


In preparation for the event, the administrator of the Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination is gathering birthday greetings from people who were inspired by Sir Arthur. 
"If we might impose, could you send a text, audio or video clip in on your inspiration and birthday greetings? We would be happy to post any message. Contact is Patrick Coleman: pcoleman at ucsd dot edu @imaginationUCSD

"Otherwise you can use hashtag #Clarke100Birthday  on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram on the 16th.

"We would be pleased to feature your comments during the in-store celebration."



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